Malawi Field Work Reflections

Kids chasing the car as we leave the village

As we drove out of the foothills of the Zomba plateau on a bumpy dirt road with kids chasing after our truck, I realized the field work was over. The sun was setting and the dusty horizon made the sun glow like a tangerine. Later that evening we collected the tablets from all the enumerators and >> Read more

What I Learned Working In Malawi

Thandie Interviewing

Finally Complete! 25 working days in the field, 60 villages, 1800 individuals surveyed. Quite the accomplishment. Our time spent working in the field in Malawi, troubleshooting the tablets and CSPro program and managing the incoming survey data, was enjoyable, stressful, and eye opening all at once. The hands on experience we gained working on a research >> Read more

The Fertile Machinga District

Sunrise over the Shire River

We left the remoteness of Balaka for the lush and exciting Liwonde, where we would be working for the next 2 weeks. Liwonde is a beautiful town located on the Shire River and lies in close proximity to Liwonde National Park. More irrigation schemes are located in Machinga because of the mighty Shire River and >> Read more

Balaka Field Work

Making paper airplanes for the kids

  After getting done final preparations for the field, Jacob and I headed to Balanka with the enumerators. The drive was beautiful. We drive through misty mountainous region of Dedza then dropped into the hot and lush Shire Valley to Balanka. First impressions of the Shire Valley, it is hot and full of green vegetation. Many >> Read more

Riverboat Adventure – Shire River, Malawi

Our weekly schedule here in Malawi has consisted of traveling to multiple villages a day Monday through Saturday administering surveys and collecting the data. When Sunday finally rolls around we're all eager to rest up a bit but also take advantage of the natural beauty we're in the midst of and go on an adventure. >> Read more

Reflections From the Field in Malawi

Riding a bike

Despite being in Malawi preparing a finalized copy of the survey and training the enumerators I feel as though I didn’t truly experience Africa until I traveled into the field for the first day of pretesting. Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, wasn’t unlike many other developing urban cities I’d visited around the world. The most >> Read more

First Video from the Field – Children of Malawi

I've always had a passion for photography and film making, I even studied it a bit in college. I figured this summer in Malawi with IFPRI would be the perfect setting to utilize my skills. I feel as though I can contribute a great deal more through video than through writing, and hopefully give any >> Read more

Week 2, Senga Bay

Dugout canoes equipped with oil lanterns, on beach

After the research team left, Jacob and I were left on our own. I recall having a strange feeling and a sense of autonomy.We now had to dictate our own work schedule and find ways to get transported around the city. After a busy week training the enumerators and perfecting CSPro, we got an opportunity >> Read more

From Salt Lake to Malawi; Plane rides and first impressions.

Kiboko Hotel, Lilongwe, Malawi

After a grueling 30 plus hours of travel, my professor Dr. Parkhurst, Brent and I finally touched down in Lilongwe, the capital of the Republic of Malawi. Two days earlier, late Friday night, we had caught the red eye flight from Salt Lake City International to John F. Kennedy International in New York City. Of >> Read more

Week 1. Training the Enumerators

Jacob sitting at his laptop

We touched down in Malawi with no time to waste. All of the work Brent and I had done the two weeks prior led right into what we began work once we arrived. We would have begun working on the survey earlier but we were both finishing our finals and I was jumping through all >> Read more